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Himalaya Organic Triphala 60 Caplets

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For digestive support and occasional constipation, people in India have turned to Triphala for centuries. Himalaya Organic Triphala tones the intestines for gentle regularity and provides you with an easy colon cleanse and detox.

The word Triphala literally translates to “three fruits;” Amla, otherwise known as Amalaki, Chebulic myrobalan, also known as Haritaki, and Belleric myrobalan, traditionally known as Vibhitaki. These three fruits have been combined for generations for detox, digestion and gentle, supportive colon cleansing.

Suggested Use

Adults take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, take a few hours before or after other medications or health products. For use beyond 7 days, consults a health care practitioner.

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